Zuu Bukali Sadiq Tia Writes: On The So-Called Hijabi Beauty Pageant Contest

Only the feminists who think the Quran was written by men to cheat women will support this lady. And honestly is she a Hijabi? I am asking because that word Hijab goes beyond the dressing; and any Hijabi would have known that Ghana Most Beautiful is not a go area for Muslims.

The word Hijab means partition or barrier. In its deep meaning in Islam, it includes behavior and principle of modesty. Women are asked to cover themselves in a way just so they can hide their beauty from those who are not supposed to see it. So why will you say you are wearing Hijab to participate in a contest that asks you to show your beauty to the world? It is like joining a porn industry but saying you don’t want to commit zinna!

From every indication, this lady thinks Hijab means wearing a long shirt and a veil. Actually she has pictures online where she is not in that, so she should just go and do what she has been doing and stop dragging Islam to this. If you don’t know what Hijab means, ask those who do, they can explain to you.

To those who say “but other Muslims participated in it”, shut your mouths or I will use your these things for ngongor! A lot of Muslims steal, commit zinnah and worship others besides Allah; the fact that they do it does not change the laws laid down by Allah!

Don’t let some attention seeking people drag you to their illogical choices. Her colleagues will defend her, but for the Muslim Ummah, stay away from her. If she was rejected at Quranic recitation competition, we would have supported her. But this nonsense? There is no single sense in nonsense.

Author: Zuu Bukali Sadiq Tia II

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  1. Is only illiterate in Islam will support this kind of thing am sure. Ahh how do some people understand Islam, they should know in Islam there is no amendment and it is not a Cort rule. Thank u.

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