Yong Dakpemyili Chief declared wanted with 5 others, 15 suspects arrested

The Northern Region Crime Officer, Supt. Bernard Baba Ananga, has disclosed to DGN Online that a bench warrant has been issued for the arrest of the chief of Yong Dakpemyili, one chief Fuseini Chemson with 5 others who are currently on the run in connection with the chieftaincy clashes between two feuding brothers reignited on Thursday February 18, 2021 amidst sporadic gunshots.

The Chieftaincy clashes resulted in the burning of about 25 houses, motorbikes, farm produce, among other properties.

According to the Crime Officer, 15 persons have been arrested so far, adding that eight of them are currently on remand while the remaining seven are to be arraigned before court tomorrow.

“We are still pursing the chief and his subjects who carried out such crimes as conspiracy to commit Crime, rioting with weapons, causing unlawful damage, threat of death or harm among others.”

DGN Online gathered that women and children have fled the community to seek refuge in nearby communities.

The Yong Dakpemyili is the seat of a Tindana under the Tamale Bugulana which has witnessed Chieftaincy dispute for more than a year over who becomes the next ‘chief’.

The cause of the renewed chieftaincy disputes was not immediately known but it was believed that the performance of the funeral rites of the late Boting Naa might have been the cause.

DGN Online understands that Fuseini Chemsi, who belongs to one of the feuding gates agreed for the performance of the final funeral rites of the late Boting Naa but Mohammed Chemsi, who also belongs to the other gate disagreed accusing them of not following due process to perform the funeral of the late Boting Naa.

This situation resulted in the clashes between the two feuding brothers in the Yong Dakpemyili community.

The feuding brother has however accused each other of triggering the clashes.

Meanwhile, both feuding brothers have since fled the community.

Story By: Eric Kombat | Daily Guide

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