Wumpini Lagfu Writes: As For Women

When guys meet to talk about love and women, we never get tired. It is an exciting subject for obvious reasons. Intimate relationship between a man and a woman is one of the things that controls the world.

There are some facts to support Beyoncé’s assertion that girls run the world. For the most part, they do. Most of them haven’t realized that and they may never do, that’s our advantage as men. Lol

Men have gone to war because of women. Great men have fallen and will continue to fall because of women. Men have risen to higher heights because of women. Dave Chapelle, one of my favorite comedians once said that if a man could have sleep with a woman in a card box, he wouldn’t buy a house.

In essence, what he was trying to say is that, whatever we strive to own especially materially is to attract women. Do you agree? There’s some truth to that.

Men have done some stupid things because of women and vice versa. When I was quite younger, I wondered why some men went the extra mile to please women. Now I know better. “love no catch you before”- I’m sure this statement is addressing my younger self.

The average young woman doesn’t think about building an apartment, building a house, buying a car etc… Correct me if I’m wrong. The average man plans to acquire these things. Funny enough in preparation to marry, a woman. As for women….
S.M Wumpini Lagfu

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