We need free training kits to develop colts football – Deheer cries out

The National Organizer for Juvenile Club Owners Association of Ghana, Mr Daniel Deheer has called on the Government and the Ghana Football Association for free distribution of footballs to enhance a better improvement in the development of Colts football.

He said they finds it difficult to buy items like footballs to train their kids.

“Government and GFA have to supply free footballs to all GFA affiliated juvenile clubs in the country, it will reduce our burden much, we are really suffering at the grassroots” he said.

“Now a quality ball costs between ₵150 and 200, and look at our parks we train on, non has green grass surface and for that reason balls can’t last for even tree months before it spoils, we are spending more money on juvenile football out of our little pockets and we seriously need help.

In addition to his humbled plea, Daniel Deheer (Mahogany) suggested that Government should partner with Ghana Football Association to open football and boots manufacturing companies under one district one factory to sell footballs and boots at affordable cost for juvenile clubs in every community of the country.

He also urged big clubs to come to their aid “Kotoko, Hearts, Liberty professionals and all the others. They benefit a lot from us so they should also help.

We’ll be glad if each GFA affiliated juvenile club will receive ten or twenty balls a season from the GFA.

By: Mohammed Nurudeen Sham-un | Contributor

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