Video: Angry Sagani TV’s Sadik Cyber “attacks” Hafiz G-Face

Host of Sagani TV’s North Arts, Sadik Cyber has chastised Mohammed Hafiz (G-Face) over his insensitive comments about the former sampling contents on NTV.

Hafiz G-Face who is the host of Trending (entertainment show on NTV) is said to have alleged that Sagani TV had no intention of hosting a Virtual Sallah Concert until NTV announced the second edition of the program.

He rebuked Sagani TV for their actions indicating the station had “copied” from NTV.

Reacting to G-Face’s comments on North Arts today (Friday), Saddick Cyber wondered why the popular presenter would make such “loose talk”.

He admonished him to raise above such petty issue and and reposition his brand.

Watch video clip of Saddick Cyber chastising G-Face


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