Tollbooth Levy and matters arising: Did Cabinet and Parliament approve the initiative?

It’s interesting to get to know that the speaker of the Ghanaian parliament Rt. Hon. Alban Kingsford Bagbin instructing the minister in charge of roads and highway Hon. Kwasi Amoako Attah and the Transport minister Hon. Kwaku Ofori Asiamah not to stop Ghanaians from paying tollbooth levys daily as they use the roads leading to their various destination by crossing these Toll booths.

One thing that baffles me is that did the Minister of Finance Hon. Ken Ofori Attah cross-checked from the economic management team before going to Parliament to announce it?

Now my question is, did this initiative go to the cabinet and through parliamentary approval before such initiative or directive was given? Is there something that Ghanaians should know? Now how are these people who were employed by the government at these various tollbooths centres to assist the government to collect these levy’s going to feed themselves And family?.

Most of these citizens I know are in a way physically disabled. Is this not going to render them jobless since they will be out of jobs? Are there any measures put in place to reemploy them in various sectors to assist them to raise funds to feed themselves and family?.

Less not forget that this same government said there are no jobs stated by the finance minister? Could it be that the government has caused financial loss to the state by investing in building these numerous toll booths across the borders of Ghana? Are these structures put up as tollbooths going to be wasted funds?

What becomes the use of the cameras and bombardiers installed in these areas?

The street vendors are now going to render jobless as well. How safe are Ghanaian as a whole?

With all due respect can the government give answers to these questions, please.

The Writer is the CEO of Avcontech Security Consult

Nana Kweku Ofori Atta

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