The Ghanaian Tax Payers Money

What is the relevance of giving the Ghanaian taxpayers money as loans to MPs to buy luxurious cars and to rent houses of their choice as members of parliament ?
I believe these MPs are elected and appointed by their various constituencies to represent them to enable them to take part in parliamentary decision making it their legislators?

 Must we use the national Ghanaians taxpayer money to give them loans to buy these numerous cars and to rent houses to accommodate them to enable them to attend parliamentary proceedings or duties?
I know very well that, every constituency member of a political party is obligated and mandated to pay party dues at their respective constituencies to assist them to run their affairs at their various regions?
 Must government keep using the general national taxes to give them loans to purchase cars and rent houses in order to attend parliamentary meetings or proceedings?
Would it be wrong for the constituencies to be in a better position to ensure they supply the needs of these MPs they elect to represent them in parliament with some of their dues paid to the party Since the wage bill on the neck of government is too huge to handle?
I think if you are not a minister of state per performing national duties or assignments the nation should not give these huge loans to MPs to overburden governments wage bills.
 Looking at their salaries, benefits and privileges are given to them alone is mind-blowing. I am of believe that, there is a need to revisit this issue to ensure our public purse is well preserved and protected by amending some of our laws that give these MPs the opportunity to raise the wage bill of government.
It is quite acceptable for the nation at large to supply the needs of ministers of state as they perform their duties on behalf of the nation but not MPs.
Again I think our Ghanaian 1992 constitution requires serious review to say amendment in order to resolve certain national benefits which are of no use but rather turn to become a burden on the nation.
As a Ghanaian, I am forced to sake certain questions which I believe needs to be redressed seriously by the government. I am not saying that MPs should not earn any privileges but certain things like clothing allowance given to them must be stripped off from the neck of government to rather channel these funds into well developmental projects to enhance the growth of our economy as a nation.
Lastly, Ghanaians need to ensure that parliament seeks medical Psychiatric examination reports from these members who show interest to be part of the Ghanaian parliament and also it is a criteria of proving such record’s by each and every Ghanaian who shows a willingness to be a member of parliament should be” of sound mind” as stated in our constitution and not just brush it out as oversight to look at just their academic credentials alone.
The writer is the CEO of Avcontech Security ConsultNana Kweku Ofori Atta

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