Tamale Metro Football Association pays courtesy call on Chiefs in Tamale

The Executive Council of Tamale Metro Football Association led by Mr Ramzy Abdul-Aziz on Monday, 10th August, 2020 visited some chief palaces in Tamale as they seek to start work after assuming office as new executives of the association. The purpose of the visit was to introduce the Executive Council members to the chiefs.

During the visit, the chairman of the association, Mr Abdul-Aziz Ramzy told the Chiefs that the association cannot succeed without the full support of them. According to him, the Chiefs own all the stakeholders of the game including the land from which we have the football pitches, hence the need to have their blessings for success.

At Lamashegu Palace, N’yab Lamashe’Naa, Ziblim Abdulai advised the Executive Council to stay united so they will be able to develop the younger ones to a greater high. He however warned supporters and fans of the game to desist from unnecessary probing of leaders as it could lead to poor management of our clubs and associations.

“It is not everything supporters or fans must know. Supporters and fans should stop accusing leaders and Management of spending monies. Unnecessary criticism of leaders must stop. If these things stop, you will go far”, N’yab Lamashe’Naa said.

The Metro EXCO also visited N’yab Dakpema, Naa Fuseini Bawa at his palace. After introducing the members of the Executive Council to him, he expressed his happiness to have the Metro Football Association’s Executive Council members at his Palace.

He warmly welcomed the executives and gave them words of encouragement. The chief advised the members to stay together as family and avoid betraying each other in the game.

He also told the executives that they should ignore the misconception of some people that football is for the lazy or idle. He ended with a powerful prayers for Tamale Metro Football Association.

Gbewaa Paɣ’kpema Guma-Naa’s place was also visited by the Executive Council of the Metro Football Association.

At the palace, the Chairman of the association, Mr Ramzy introduced the Executive Council to the chief and asked for his blessings for the association to succeed in his regime. N’yab Gbewaa Paɣ’kpema Guma-Naa admonished the executives to always exercise patience in everything they do.

He added that a leader should always be patient, accept everything including criticisms.

The chief also pledge his full support to the association saying that the executive council should not hesitate to call on him for support if the need arises. He also concluded by praying for the success of the association.

By: Mohammed Nurudeen Sham-un | Contributor

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