Tamale Central Hospital in crisis, patients turned away

The facility serving clients within the Tamale metro and parts of Sagnarigu municipality has closed to the public.

Patients who visit hospital for medical attention are being turned away because there are no health workers on duty to attend to them.

Management of the hospital in Friday, April 9 disengaged the services of all casual workers on the grounds of the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic.

When the news team arrived at the health facility last night (Sunday), the premises was completely dark with no lights.

Prince Chentiwuni reporting at the premises of Tamale Central Hospital

Prince Chentiwuni reported there was no single nurse/causal workers at the Out Patient Department (OPD).

“There was one nurse at the first Male ward, but no single patient, I was told by the nurse on duty that patients do come but there are no causal workers at the OPD so they have to turn them away,” he reported.

Chentiwuni reporting at the Children’s ward

At the female ward, there were only two nurses on duty with no patient on admission.

Female ward

The news team also proceeded to the children’s ward where only three nurses reported to duty attending to two kids who were already on admission.

Children’s ward

One of the nurses who agreed to TamaleOnline News on condition of anonymity revealed “for the past 3 weeks, there is no water at the hospital.”

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Source: tamaleonline.net

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