Stop speaking for the EC – League of Concerned Christian Professionals To Parties

A religious organisation, known as League of Concerned Christian Professionals have waded into the controversy surrounding the Electoral Commission’s (EC’s) decision to compile a new voters’ register for the upcoming 2020 elections.

The Association said it is opposed to the exclusion of the birth certificate and ID card as requirement for registeration.

The Association have also called on political parties to desist from acting as Public Relations Officers (PRO) to the Electoral Commission, as it kicks against the compilation of new voters’ register by EC.

The leadership of Association made its stance public a press conference held in Tamale, Thursday, June 4, 2020.

“The indication to use the NIA card and passport as the only requirements to register as a voter will not only exclude millions of Ghanaians from voting in 2020, but also destroy the beauty of our democracy, which we have striven to build over the years”, chairman of the group, President of the Association, Mr. Andrew Dokurugu said.

“One of the positives and advantages of continuity is to build on previous experiences, processes and actions and to continue on the building blocks that have been by predecessors. It is in this light that we believe that the process of compiling a new register should be based on absolute necessity and also be based on improving and building on what has been agreed and established by stakeholders and not to suit a parochial interest of a one group”, he added.

According to Mr. Dokurugu, some political parties have taken it upon themselves to be speaking for electoral commission, when in reality, they are not official bodies mandated to do so.

“We do not want to speak for political parties here. So I don’t want to mention the names of parties. But a certain political part is beginning to behave like a PRO of electoral commission. And if you look at their posture and argument, it seems to suggest, that, someone is telling Electoral Commission what to do”, he stated.

The League of Concerned Christian Professionals are not the first organisation or individual to speak against the EC’s decision to compile the new voters’register excluding the current voters’ ID card as a requirement.

However, several Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) including Imani Ghana and ASEPA, who have also added their voice to debate, asking the Jean Mensah-led EC to reconsider their decision.

With the lattest information from the supreme Court of Ghana ordering the commission to explain within the next four days, why the current voters’ID can not be used as requirement, but, NIA card and passport.

Story : | Fuseini Safianu

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