Silky Plagues for “Chop de Mic” Talent Show Unveiled

Ahead of the grand finale of the maiden edition of popularly “Chop de Mic” TV reality show, organizers of the talent show have unleashed the official plagues to award winners of the music reality competition.

The plagues, according to the organizers is specially made in high quality to stand any kind of whether and does not fade out unlike others.

The competition has reached its climax after weeks of talent exhibition on live TV with experienced sound engineers and musicians passing judgement on performance of the contestants.

The final showdown will take place at the Raddach Memorial Conference Center this Saturday, 6th April 2019.

Three out of the eight [8] contenders will be awarded with the beautifully crafted plagues, overall winner would be rewarded three [3] video (feature any 2 biggest artistes in northern of his choice) plus one year Tv promo.

The first rummer-up [2nd] takes away a plagues with two [2] free video shoots and one [1] audio recording [studio session] whiles, the second runner-up [3rd] gets an opportunity for one [1] free video and audio [studio time].

However, they also stand a chance of winning other prizes from sponsors and the bragging rights.

The final contestants 7 male rappers and one female rapper [Arabot, Aleewa, O Bouy, Aiva, MzKenzy, Bravado, Don Rhyme and Blezz Dee].

There will be series of performance multiple award winning artist and Gadam Nation President Fancy Gadam, 69 Boss and Rappers Jack Maccasio, Saani, etc…

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