Security of every country serves as its backbone

The security of a nation serves as a strong backbone for a well ( developed) built structured country. The law must equalise the policies of the nation which has to be used to enforce peace, order, equity and justice for all without any fear or favour for every citizenry. The economic growth of a nation runs on the paddle of “timing “ time is of essence to the economy of a nation, looking at the state of Ghana’s road infrastructures.

 Transportation of goods And services has become one of the major chronic inconvenience to citizens which makes government fail with all polices. I believe government should pay critical attention to that by Investing proper system of railways networking across the breadth and length of our nation to help ease transport, goods and services across boards in order to stop the heretic traffic on our roads. It wouldn’t be wrong to Chanel our mindset by investing in railways and commercial airlines systems, where the government partner with private entrepreneurs to assist build a well structured adequate railway, airline and Mimi’s vessels businesses to enhance free And the flow of movement.

 And also by honouring our hero’s by naming these systems after them. For example, in naming an aircraft going to western region (Paa Grant airline) Koforidua (JB Danquah airline) Accra (Obetsebi Lamptey airline) likewise the trains To help ease traffic on our roads. 

By so doing digitalization will really see its effectiveness properly. This means can go a long way to boost our economy effectively. All timber, bauxite, gold, cocoa etc must be carried by trains to their destination locations and vessels carrying its loads from the shores to the ports for shipping purposes.

The writer is the CEO of Avcontech Security Consult

Nana Kweku Ofori Atta

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