Sang: Rainstorm destroys over 50 homes, as residents cry for help

Residents of Sang, the capital of Mion District Assembly in the Northern Region are appealing to government to come to their aid after heavy rainstorm in the area pulled off roofing of over 50 homes.

The heavy downpour occurred between hours of 3 and 5pm Sunday evening, 7th April, 2019 displacing several households and distraction of properties.

The affected areas are Bayanwaya, Afayili and Zolya all in Sang.

The Northern Regional office of the National Disaster and Management Organisation (NADMO) say there’s no immediate response for the affected household.

Mr. Musah Abdul-Aziz Zakaria (Ayaba), an aspiring Parliamentary Candidate for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Mion Constituency for 2020, expressed deep sorrow to the people of Sang who were affected by the last night rainstorm.

He therefore appealed to government, NGOs, philanthropists and other stakeholders to come to their rescue.

“It is a sad day for my hometown, Sang, the District Capital for Mion District Assembly. I wish to join other well-wishers to extend my deep sorrow that you had to endure this rainstorm (crisis) which has displaced a lot people and destroyed properties.

“I wish to appeal to NADMO, NGOs, philanthropists and other stakeholders to come to the rescue of the affected victims,” Mr Zakaria.

Mr Zakaria Ayaba observed it is the beginning of the rain season and prayed to the Almighty Allah (God) for protection of lives and properties against such mishaps.

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