Residents decry Dumsor in parts of Tamale

Over the last four days, some areas in the Tamale Metropolis and several other communities in the Northern region have been battle erratic power outages. 

The unstable power keeps going off-and-on earlier Wednesday afternoon until it went off completely at about 6pm in the evening. 

According to some agitated residents of Changli, the unannounced power outages affect their businesses and daily lives.

Affected areas includes; Aboabo, Bulpeila, Banvim, Bayanwire, Changli,, Hausa Zongo and Kokuo. 

The rest are Industrial Area, Kakpayilli, Kanveli Lamashegu, Nyohani Sabonjida, Tisheigu, Target, Vitting, Zobgeli-Lamakara etc. 

Old Cemetery Road Tamale

The situation has affected most businesses such tailors, barbers, beauticians, cold store operators amongst others who in some cases rely on standby generators.

”It is very irritating when you are busy working the suddenly the lights goes off,” a fashion designer frowned.

“I literally did no work at all the whole due to the incessant lights out and I don’t a have a generator,” a TV repairer at Hausa Zongo said.

Visibility on major and inner-city road also remain a challenge due to the non-functioning streetlights and traffic and lights which depend on direct power. 

However, the Northern Electricity Distribution Company (NEDCO) in a communicaque issued by the Cooperate Communications and Customer Services said the cause of the situation as a result of a technical hitch at the Tamale Bulk Supply Point.

It assured engineers are working round the clock to ensure the problem is fixed to retire power supply to the affected areas.

“We are doing our best to fix the challenge and restore power within the shortest time possible,” the statement said.

 On Sunday, 7th March, 2021, the entire country experienced a nationwide lights out. 

A statement issued by the Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCO) explained that the situation was a result of a fault in the main transmission lines.


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