Re; What Legacy Did John Mahama Leave For The North as President? – Bawumia

In the name of Politics, responsible husbands have lost their places in the home while practicing Muslims have turned into ushers at crusades. Politics gone bad!

Good day Dr Mahmoud Bawumia, Vice President, Republic of Ghana. I admire and respect you a lot. Because in Islam, we are taught that a Muslim is a brother to another Muslim, so by default, you are a senior brother in the “deen” from the north who I should adore and respect.

Dr, do you have aides in your office who are charged with the responsibility to carry out periodic surveys to ascertain whether or not your kind of politics is doing anything good to your image? You may have to consider doing so if you haven’t.

Here was Dr Bawumia at various lecture halls in the run up to 2016, posing as the best economist Ghana ever produced; He churned out figures and contested those that were generated by credible institutions like the Statistical Service. Here was a VEEP who attacked the person of his brother from the North, HE John Mahama; referred to and tagged him as incompetent. He did so without ceasing and he did so flexibly without regret.

Fast forward, Dr Bawumia’s party, the NPP was voted for to lead the Ghanaian to the economic prosperity that was promised. Three years on, the taxes that were described as nuisance taxes including ESLA are either maintained, increased in threshold or at worse used as collateral for loans. The same Dr of Economics described his brother from the North as a lazy President whose appetite for borrowing knows no friend, and who boldly said we could develop Ghana without borrowing has rather led Nana Addo and the NPP to borrow about GHC 86bn and about 70% goes into consumption. This same Dr of economics today is denying his own voice when citi FM and Joy FM played it back to him. Integrity made by some cabal for the VEEP is lost on the altar on same cabal.

Let me say this, President Mahama like all other presidents was elected to lead Ghana as a nation and not to lead the North as a Territory. As President, he swore an oath to protect the interest of all Ghanaians and to share the cake evenly to all regions. So this attempt to rope President John Mahama into this family and friends web and to create a platform for a convenient discourse such as this, will only be greeted with mockery.

Maybe it’s been long since Dr Bawumia went home, because if he did, he would have noticed that basic schools right under his nose are crying for same desks he gladly and conveniently donated to schools in Upper West for votes. His own hometown in the West Mamprusi District are crying for common desks, so I urge him to visit home and stop posing like one of the frustrated serial callers in Ashanti Region.

To the call made by Dr Bawumia; I would like to set the records straight. All the three regions (Northern, Upper West and Upper East) had their share of the National cake in all sectors of the economy. Talk of water, Rural electrification, roads, airports, hospitals, schools etc.

Under Health:

  • The Tamale Teaching Hospital project was started when Mahama was VEEP and completed when he was President. In fact the second phase was started before he left office as a President.
  • The Wa Regional Hospital Project which Nana Addo refused to commission for close to three years was built by President Mahama.
  • The Upper East Regional Hospital in Bolga was started and almost completed before President John Mahama left office.
  • The 60 bed Salaga Hospital was in progress
  • The Buipe Accident and Emergency Centre Project was started by JM and only left by Nana Addo for two years until the people made noise before he continued from where John Manama left from.
  • The Bamboi Polyclinic
  • The Sawla Hospital Project
  • The West Gonja District Hospital Project facelift under the Fufulso-Sawla road project
  • The over 96 CHPS compounds across the three regions then, and many others I can’t mention.

Under Aviation:

  • The Tamale International Airport Project first phase was started and completed by John Mahama’s NDC administration. This project has given a boost to local economies in the North and has reduced the stress that Dr Bawumia’s Muslim brothers use to go through during Hajj periods. Thanks to the visionary President Mahama.
  • The Wa Airstrip Project was started and completed by the Mahama administration. Today, domestic flights have started operations to Wa.


  • the Almighty 147.5km Fufulso-Damongo-Sawla road project was constructed by John Mahama and the NDC. The road came with lots of ancillary facilities like schools, clinics, water facilities etc.
  • the over 100km stretch from Buipe to Tamale was rehabilitated by the NDC and John Mahama
  • The over 600km Eastern Corridor road which was scheduled to stretch from Volta region through Northern region in Bimbila and end in Kulungungu in Upper East region was started by JM, but unfortunately when Ghanaians voted for your vindictive but wicked government, you came and in the name of auditing, left that important road project to rot for three running years.
  • The Yagba-Mankarigu road was under construction and only stopped by your government. Interestingly, that road connect to HE Dr Bawumia’s own hometown.
  • The Bolga-Bawku road project was under construction but only stopped when your wicked NPP government came to power.
  • The Tamale-Salaga-Mankango road was under construction and was stopped by your nepotistic government for almost three years.
  • The Busunu-Daboya-Mankarigu road was under construction when your government came to power, as we speak, that project is becoming a death trap. And many more other road projects.

Under Rural Electrification:

More than 400 communities were connected to the national grid in the three regions under President Mahama. In fact, under the SHEP 5 and the Hunan projects alone, another 300 communities were earmarked to be connected. Some of the projects started but were stopped by your government, Dr of Economics. If JM were in power today, all of these communities would have been connected.

I can’t tackle all the sectors, but these will do for this piece.

Hello Dr Bawumia (HE), shine your eyes ooo. Your colleagues are leaving you behind ooo. Take the advice your brother Hon Haruna Iddrisu offered you the last time the 2020 budget was read in Parliament. Act like a VEEP and not like one of the aides to the Finance Minister. You have reduced yourself to one of the 123 ministers appointed. Some of the ministers won’t even behave like you. Throwing jabs isn’t one of your duties as a VEPP. Leave that realm for your serial callers and shameless buy empty shells like Abronye DC.

Even Level 200 basic economics students have labeled you a “LIAR”…this isn’t good for your image. Northerners are proud of their situation but never proud to be called LIARS. You swore by the Quran to behave like a VEEP, but you are just not living up to the standards at all.

Dr of Economics, may I ask you these questions?

  • Has the Cedi appreciated against the dollar since you assume the chairmanship of the Economic Management Team?
  • Are importers happy?
  • Are Teachers Happy now?
  • Are Nurses happy with their standard of living today?
  • Has fuel prices reduced DRASTICALLY?
  • Do all Ghanaians have bank accounts now?
  • Do all your Northern homes have toilets and water running through their taps?
  • Are pensioners happy with you?
  • will market women forgive you and your government?

You have a mandate to execute as a VEEP. Ghanaians pay their taxes to you and not Mahama so, remain focus and stop steering the wheels of government propaganda machine. What type of a VEEP are you that doesn’t behave like one? Stop talking and work! Stop nodding and think! Stop smiling and get serious! You are now a VEEP and not a running mate.

May the soul of HE Aliu Mahama Rest In Peace. He’s remembered today as one of the VEEPs who behaved like one. We are not there yet Dr of Economics. We will do region-by-region comparison of JMs legacies and your vindictive Nana Addo’s legacies. You are just a mate so concentrate with the collection of your lorry fare.

I am your Kamara slave from Laribanga.


Issifu Seidu Kudus Gbeadese

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