Re-Bimbilla MCE Working against Government Peace Efforts

I read with a shock and surprise the litany of wild and unsubstantiated allegations contained in an article against the Municipal Chief Executive for Nanumba North Municipal Assembly (Hon. Abdulai Yaqoub) by one of the usual faceless author by name Latifu Muniru. The said article was published by on the 12th of October, 2019 designed to target the person of the Hon.Municipal Chief Executive and also incite the local peace committee and the entirety of Nanung against him.

The assertion that the MCE is stalling the work of a local peace committee cannot stand in the face of myriad of evidences pointing to the opposite. The whole idea of Local Peace Committee was the brainchild initiated and executed by the MCE after he was appointed in 2017. The Committee has enjoyed cordial working relationship with him over the years. He has supported the Committee logistically and financially to the admiration of all well-meaning citizens of Nanung except the likes of the author of the article, his Paymasters and Corroborators. However, this would not obstruct the Hon. MCE from working hard to maintain the peace and development of the Municipality.

The second allegation of bias against the MCE towards the processes to ensuring lasting peace in Bimbilla by the sole mediator is dead on arrival and deliberate attempt by some desperate individuals to reap where they have not sowed. The durbar of chiefs and people of Nanung where the President announced the monumental initiative to appoint a sole mediator was deliberately boycotted by people like the faceless author (Latifu Muniru), his Paymasters and Corroborators. The Northern Regional Minister’s father who is a sub chief and was duly invited, boycotted the durbar with all his family and friends just to mar the beauty of the program and disgrace the president and his defense minister. I am more surprised that people who refused to participate in the President’s initiative are now desperately trying to cash in where they do not sow.

The Hon. MCE is the President’s representative in the Municipality and he has demonstrated it since his assumption of office. As a native and head of Municipal Security Committee he has actively participated in all peace building processes. The bias tag fits the author, his paymasters and Corroborators not the MCE. It is not a secret that some members of the Local Peace Committee are posed to set up the Hon. MCE to satisfy their political and parochial interest. Those members may continue to leak the deliberations and insider information of Committee works to outsiders. They should however, feed them with what actually transpired or discussed in meetings. These Half-truths and outright lies would only put the reputation of the Committee to jeopardy. As to how the Hon MCE’s frustrated the Local Peace Committee from organizing a press conference leaves much to be desired. It is common knowledge that no citizen can prevent another citizen or group of people from expressing a constitutional right, more especially freedom of expression.

It must be made and clearly, that the Hon. MCE was not aware of any purported scheduled meeting with the CHIEF IMAM of Bimbilla by the Local Peace Committee. There was also no meeting in Bimbilla in which the Hon. MCE attended with the CHIEF IMAM. The quote attributed to him in his article is a mere conjecture of the highest degree by a desperate faceless author to smear the Hon. MCE with hate. As to the recognition and legitimacy of the Regent of Nanung, it does not reside with the Imam to determine. This is a matter that has been soundly settled by the Supreme Court. If your article is aimed at provoking and undermining the rule of law then you are part of the problems of the land not a solution.

With regards to death threats, the Hon MCE does not use political authority and power arbitrarily. Due process is required when a citizen life is threatened. When this matter was brought to the attention of the Hon. MCE, he asked the affected person(s) to lodge a complaint at the police service. The police have since commenced investigations into the matter. The Municipal Security Committee has also been notified and steps are taken to delve into the matter.

All stakeholders in Nanung are interested in getting a substantive overlord including the Municipal Assembly, which the Hon. MCE is the head. How can such a huge stakeholder in peace process would by any stretch of imagination supplant the efforts of any peace process be it Local or national?

Lastly, the request of mounting surveillance on the MCE should be directed at people of your class. Those of who are faceless and users of fake Facebook accounts are the nemesis of peace in Nanung. You abuse innocent citizens to satisfy specific interest. This is a low standard and I urge you and your corroborators to desist from it. However, those who explore and use you are more a problem of Nanung than you the anonymous or faceless authors.

In Conclusion; the Hon MCE has made great decisions to exit the Municipality from fragile peace to stable peace. He has promised to keep this exceptional level of engagement and will not lower the bar for the likes of the Faceless authors to penetrate. This is the right time to work together to consolidate the gains and not to put skips in the steps of the Hon MCE towards achieving the vision of the President of the republic. I urge all well meaning citizens of the land to stop creating divisions because it ruins our future and also counter-productive to the Municipality.

By: Salifu Abarika, Columnist

Disclaimer: The Views/opinion stated in the above article is solely that of the author/writer and not those of TamaleOnline News…

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