Opinion: Yaa Naa is Not NDC – Hussein Ishaq Writes

Yaa Naa is not NDC! Even if he was /is a card bearing NDC member by virtue of his position as Ya Naa it would be naive for any right thinking Dagbana to utterly disregard his current position as Ya Naa and align him to a political party.

It is important to understand that every Yeni royal view Yeni Namship as the ultimate goal for which they all aspire to and not insignificant party politics that has the tendency to destroy and regret.

We must make it clear that enough is enough for people with over bloated egos who see no value in honesty but will do or say anything that affects others for them to gain the world.

The new Dagbang now possess incredible individuals and groups who will stop at nothing to deny unscrupulous and unprincipled politicians who still think things as usual, to drag the name of Ya Naa whose character and status transcends the usual pettiness.

By: Mr. Ishaq Hussein Ishaq (Mole Dagbong Patron-ISlamic University Collage, Ghana (IUCG) branch)

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