NPP will win the election with a very wide margin – Chief predicts

The Paramount Chief of the Gbankoni Traditional Area in the North East Region, Naba Nasimong Laar II has predicted a resounding victory for the rulling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the December 7 general elections.

“All indications points to the fact that you are going to win the election with a very big margin because all your policies implemented for the past four years are benefiting Ghanaians directly” he said.

According to the Chief, the NPP was the only party that cared for the ordinary citizens because of its human-centred policies, adding that it is the reason victory would be the party’s.

He made these remarks at a mini rally at Gbankoni on Wednesday, December 2 as part of the five day tour of the Vice President, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia in the region.

Resounding Victory

“In 2016, I appealed to you for several things including a CHPS compound, electricity and roads which have all been done.

I am assuring you that you will win the elections by a very big margin. I repeat you will win the elections by a very big margin. When that happens, I would urge you to complete all ongoing projects” he pleaded.

The chief noted that the Planting for Food and Jobs and Free Senior High School programmes were game changers because it had come to lessened the financial burden on parents and improved on their standards of living in the district.

He also appealed for the establishment of a police post in the area to curb the increasing rate of cross border criminal activities in view of the fact that the area shares borders with neighbouring Togo.

“When you win the elections don’t forget to do the following for us; A police post to curb criminal activities especially robbery and smuggling of fertilizer into Togo from Ghana. We share a border with Togo and when you stand over there you see their houses.

Some of the roads done during Nkrumah regime need some upgrade and I know when you win the second term you would consider working on them. You are the kind of politician we are looking for. You are a grassroots politician with respect and will not ask me to meet you but rather come to me” he hailed.

Inclusive Government

Addressing the rallies at separate occasions, Dr Bawumia said President Akufo-Addo and the NPP cared for Ghanaians especially those from poorer parts of the country for which reasons it had initiated policies that were benefiting all.

He noted that the NPP was running an inclusive government for every Ghanaian irrespective of location or ethnicity to enjoy the national cake, adding that the unprecedented development being witnessed in the Bunkpurugu constituency was a clear example.

“ you have seen the Bunkpurugu-Nalerigu road and for the first time it will be asphalt from Bunkpurugu-Nalerigu , the papers works for the Bunkpurugu district hospital has been completed so within next month , we expect the contractors to get to the grounds and start the construction of the Bunkpurugu district hospital” he said.

NDC Not An Option

According to the Vice President , the NPP was the only choice to move the developmental drive of the area and Ghana forward, because the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) party could not demonstrate thier capability of managing the affairs of the country when they were given the mandate.

He dared the NDC to mention any development project it executed in the Nakpanduri-Bunkpurugu constituency for the past eight years it was in power.

“ John Mahama was in office for 8 years and can’t show what he did for the Bimobaland is coming to say NPP who is doing very well has not done anything for Bimobas, did he do the Bunkpurugu-Nalerigu road, Bunkpurugu town roads,did he provide water and electricity for the people.

Next time former president Mahama comes to Bunkpurugu constituency with his Munafiki politics you should ask him what he did for the people of Bunkpurugu constituency and for the people of Bunkpurugu , he should list the projects and let’s start the debate” he noted.

Dr Bawumia urged the people of the constituency to vote massively for President Akufo-Addo and the NPP parliamentary candidate Solomon Boar to renew thier mandate to bring more development to the constituency.

Story By: Fugu Mohammed

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