Northern Association of Deaf appeal for support amid Covid-19

The Northern Regional Association of the Deaf (NRAD) is appealing to the general public to come to their aid amid the covid19 pandemic.

The Association is soliciting support to embark on advocacy programmes in deprived communities in the Northern Region.

President of the Northern regional branch of the NRAD, Sumani Bapio Ibrahim in a letter copied TamaleOnline News said it is unable to generate funds towards Covid-19 fight because majority of its members are jobless.

One of the major ways of doing this is through mobilization, capacity building and economic empowerment is through payment of membership dues. Unfortunate, with large unemployed membership the region is finding it difficult to mobilize enough resources to enable it carry out advocacy for its members in deprived communities.

The NRAD explained.

It continued “The NRAD therefore appeal for Support deaf towards Covid-19 fight. The NRAD is looking for support from individuals’ celebrities, philanthropist and the general public. You can help in kind or cash. No amount is too small.”

Northern Regional Association of deaf is a regional branch of the Ghana National Association of deaf ( GNAD). GNAD is the National umbrella organization for deaf people in Ghana.

NRAD which was established in 1994 has for over the years relied on mobilization, economic empowerment, capacity building and payment of membership dues to help fund the groups.

Source:|Haruna Nasara Khaleeda

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