“Northern artistes need to be innovative in their stagecraft” – Analyst

An entertainment analyst, Abdul Razak Achirison has advised Northern musicians including Fancy Gadam and Maccasio who are regarded as giants in Northern Music to be innovative in their stage performances especially at major events.

Speaking on Diamond FM’s Thursday night entertainment review show “Yelmang Kpema Saha” (Hard Truth), Achirison observed the one-side approach is becoming noticeable and has therefore urged musicians to give their audience a different dose of ecstatic moments on different platforms at all times.

According to him, “is about time our musicians put an end to those one-way stage performances and infuse more dynamism when they mount the stage.

“Their performances on stage are usually predictable and the constant repetition of it makes it boring to us (audiences),” Achirison posited.

The maverick entertainment critic noted that fans get thrilled when musicians spice up their stage performances with some level of innovation (creativity).

He sighted multiple award winning Hip-life duo, Choggu Boys as a perfect example artistes should emulate especially the up and coming ones.

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