NEIP: Is There Any Auditor-Generals Report On the Collapse NEIP Yet?

We must rise as the future leaders of our motherland Ghana else the future generations will not pardon us.

I always asked myself whether if the National Entrepreneurship & Innovation Programme(NEIP) was just a fallacy or just to gain votes.

According to statistics, the National Entrepreneurship & Innovation Programme has equipped over 45,000 entrepreneurs but we still have graduates unemployed depending on their parents to survive.

Is the office of the Auditor-General aware of this alleged scam by our politicians?

Our politicians should bear in their mind that there is judgement after death so they shouldn’t think about their parochial interest and steal from the ordinary Ghanaian who according to the law should be protected by our politicians.

The concept of the National Entrepreneurship & Innovation Programme is very laudable but the auditor General must audit them likewise they have done to private institutions who gave contracts with the government and bring the findings out.

Private entities like Zoomlion Ghana has suffered a lot at the hands of the Auditor General so if the office sits aloof to audit the NEIP I will now believe that what they did Dr Joseph Siaw Agyepong and Jospong Group was politically motivated.

Ghanaians want to see the beneficiaries of the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme.

Where can we locate the 9,350+ businesses claimed to be funded by the NEIP?

Where are the 92,000 jobs created?

National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme) what happened to it? Why did the government shut down such an institution which was meant to assist young entrepreneurs to develop and expand their jobs without giving Ghanaians tangible reasons?

Did the Auditor-General audit them?
Where is the Auditor-Generals report on it?

The writer is the CEO of Accontech Security Consult

Nana Kweku Ofori Atta

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