NDC sacks Ayawaso North Constituency Chairman over AK47 claims

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) have dismissed Tahiru Ahmed, the Ayawaso North Constituency in the Greater Accra region.

This comes after the Mr Ahmed Tahiru reported the National Vice Chairman of the NDC, Alhaji Said Sanari to police for allegedly supplying arms to some youth groups to cause mayhem in the December 2020 elections.

His expulsion follows a complain by Alhaji Sanari to the National Executive Committee of the NDC to taking disciplinary actions against Mr Ahamed, accusing of working against the party in the upcoming December polls.

The Greater Accra regional Secretary, Mr Theophilus Tetteh Chaie in a statement said Mr Tahiru Ahmed’s is in breach of article 46 (8) of the party’s constitution.

“The Regional Executive Committee wish to inform Party executives in the Region and all media houses to the effect that the constituency Chairman of the Ayawaso North Constituency Mr Tahiru Ahmed has been expelled from the party with immediate effect for breaching article 46 (8) of our party’s constitution,” the statement said.

It added “All party properties in his possession should be handed over to the Vice chairman of the Constituency to act.”

However, prosecutors have dropped all charges (distributing weapons to some persons to cause mayhem during the December elections) against Mr Sanari after he was assigned before the Kaneshi District Court today (Thursday) in Accra.

He was also charged with conspiracy to cause crime, to wit, possession of fore arms with lawful authority.

According to myjoyonline.com, Lawyer for the accused (Alhaji Sanari), Lawyer Amaliba told journalist that the prosecution saw through what he believes was a weak case made against his client leading to his acquittal.

“The charges that were brought to the court were not well-founded and so I’m sure the prosecution saw that there were some gaps in the charges and that is why they withdrew it,” he said.

“Alhaji Sinare has got his freedom back. His liberties have been restored. Alhaji Sinare is now going to walk home a free man and that is what is important,” Lawyer Amaliba further added as reported by myjoyonline.

Source: tamaleonline.net

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