Musah Superior urged to fix non-functioning traffic lights at Aboabo Market

Traffic lights at the Aboabo Market intersection on the Nyoahani highway has been out of commission for the past three months.

The development has resulted in the rise of road accidents and pedestrian knockdown along the stretch.

Motorists and pedestrians are therefore in the Tamale Metropolis are therefore calling on the Tamale Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE), Iddrisu Musah Superior to take immediate steps to fix the non-functional traffic lights which has abandoned for months.

Some road users including businesses in the area are also blaming authorities at the Motor Transport and Traffic Directorate (MTTD), an agency under the Ghana Police Service of neglecting the traffic lights resulting in series of crashes on the road.

They revealed the police are not usually visible in the area to deal the lawlessness by some motorists at the intersection.

a scene at the Aboabo traffic light intersection

They added several assurances by city authorities in radio interviews to get it fixed has not materialized.

According to them, “we have made several complaints and several media commentary and reportage have been made issue and nothing cares.”

“As each day passes, the situation is worsening whiles endangering our lives as we attempt to cross the road,” a pedestrian told TamaleOnline News’ Prince Chantiwuni.

They are therefore calling on the Tamale Mayor to step in as a matter of urgency and get the traffic lights fixed to avert more vehicular accidents and pedestrian knock downs.


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