“Most of my friends are weed smokers” – Radio Presenter brags (Video)

Controversial media personality with Lamashegu based Radio Tamale, Halik Musah (Mr Tell) has revealed most of friends are into weed (marijuana) smoking and other illicit drugs.

Affectionally known as Adugali, the outspoken presenter on Tuesday’s edition of the Bugum Beni Drive stated that even though he keeps such company, he doesn’t support nor encourage their excesses to destroy others or businesses.

“Most of my friends are into substance abuse [weed smoking and other illicit drugs] if you care to know but there won’t be a day I will praise it,” the loudmouth presenter stated.

The Northern Region has over the years witnessed a surge in substance abuse and other social vices especially among the youth and teenagers.

But Mr tell in his broadcast took a swipe at some celebrities in Tamale for rather supporting and encouraging their fans engaged in drug abuse.

Even though he failed to mention names, he went on to chastised these celebrities (musicians) who in his view have failed to advise their fans to avoid smoking marijuana during events and at public places.

“You can hate me for what I am saying but I won’t praise it,” he stressed.

“I have seen people smoking weed publicly at the Tamale Sports Stadium, Radach in the midst of prominent personalities. They are type of people our musicians want to bring together and call them fans, you want to destroy them and been seen as a role model. That won’t happen, you are a bad role model,” he added.

Source: tamaleonline.net

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