Mentor Reloaded: Team Optional King wants Appeitus reprimanded

Hundreds of Optional King’s supporters have taken a swipe at controversial sound engineer and producer popularly known as Appeitus for his distasteful comments after the former won the competition Sunday, 23rd February at the Accra International Conference Center (AICC).

Entertainment critic and a member of Team Optional King, Mohammed Awal Khalillahi popularly known as Alaafeilana is asking TV3, a subsidiary of Media General and organisers of the musical competition to reprimand Appeitus

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In an open letter to the station Tuesday, February 25, Alaafeilana accused Appeitus of impartiality, whose “bigotry” comments and disapproval of the winner (Optional King) could negatively affect the brand of the competition.

Read copy of letter below;

TV3 Ghana

Good day! I hope this reaches the right people. I write to you to register my displeasure and that of many others about the conduct of Appietus from the beginning of Mentor Reloaded to the aftermath of it.

My name is Mohammed Awal Khalilillahi. I hail from Tamale. I’ve been a keen supporter and also a team member of Optional King in his quest to win Mentor Reloaded. I’ve supported him from the word go!

Somewhere down the line, it became apparent, by Appietus’ comments and composure that he did not like Optional King. I think a lot of fans mentioned that on this your page under some of your post in the Mentor programme.

To confirm the suspicions of a lot of people out there, Appietus took to his Facebook wall this morning to congratulate Chichiz and how deserving he was as the winner just that the public didn’t vote for him. This means that Appietus as a judge has disclosed to the public how he tried so hard to make Chichiz win but the voting percentage didn’t favour him.

Below is a screenshot of Appietus’ original post although he changed it severally after some of us condemn such a post as being bigotry and chauvinistic. He also described the whole of the North as “they” which we see as gross disrespect to the people of the North who tried so hard to see Optional King win.

Simply put, Appietus should be taken off the judges of your highly reputed music reality show as he has in many occasions shown that he cannot be impartial as a judge and also shown gross misconduct by divulging classified information of the judges to the public. His post is largely seen as being chauvinistic and such a character going forward will dent the image of your TV station and put the name of the Mentor programme into disrepute.

Impartial people whose reputation is unquestionable should be made to sit on the Mentor programme as judge as that will strengthen the public confidence in their judgement. But Appietus has clearly shown he lack all that by making this lost.
Thank you.

By:|Ziblila Zakiya Kwesijan

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