Meet young female CEO, soaring higher in the aviation industry

Radia Adama Saani is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MoonTouch Travel Ltd, one of the leading travel and tour companies in Ghana.

She is also a founding member as well as the Head of Corporate Affairs of Africa Tour Operators Alliance-Ghana (ATOA)

Mrs Radia started her career with Ghana Airports Company Ltd and later became a Flight Attendant with Kenya Airways Ltd.

Apart from advancing her career in the aviation and travel industry she is also academically excellent in the sector. She holds a Master’s degree in International Hospitality & Tourism Management from Sheffield Hallam University in the UK and had her first degree & diploma in a similar field from Université Abdel-Malek Essaadi, in the Kingdom of Morocco.

This makes her very fluent in both the French and English languages.

The 33year old Radia isn’t just quite resourceful in the Aviation and tourism sectors but great as well within the Hospitality industry.

She worked as a front desk executive with Travelodge, one of the biggest hotel chain companies in the UK and some few other hotels in the Kingdom of Morocco.

She also served as the PRO of HOTCATT – Hotel, Catering & Tourism Training Institute under the Ministry of Tourism, Ghana.

As a child, she had always desired to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Africa and beyond.

Mrs Radia is a great networker and has built a strong entrepreneurship & marketing skill which has assisted her in building a strong business empire in the travel industry.

However, talking about her challenges growing up, she was fortunate not to encounter many problems as a child…..

“Fortunately I had a very smooth luxurious childhood, I never really faced any challenges. However, relocating from the north during my primary school days to Accra, there was a bit of challenge with academics, I realised there was a huge gap which I needed to fill very quickly in order to keep up good academic performance with my classmates. But this challenge was only for the first few months of enrolling in school in Accra. I put in extra efforts to study hard and at a point I was even ranked from 1st – 3rd positions in class. I was as well made the compound prefect of my school – Holy Child Basic School, Sakumono – Tema”

She explained.

Meanwhile, she was one of moderators of the 8th African Youth Summit, held in Rabat, Morocco in December 2019. The 40 under 40 awards achiever was recently selected by the Ministry of Business Development in Ghana as a beneficiary of the NEIP training program for entrepreneurs.

This opportunity was gotten because of her hard work and passion to grow and develop the tourism and aviation industries in Ghana.
She informs us that, she’s passionate about Entrepreneurship, Aviation, and Diplomacy.

When she was asked to give some advice to the young girls, she cautioned –

“To young ladies out there, learn some skill or profession aside academics so you can remain relevant in the job market. Also, it is good to marry, but marry when you have developed yourself in a way that you will be relevant to your husband, your family and the society.

“Most importantly, marry someone that supports your dreams because your career success partially depends on who you marry” She advised.




Credit: Young Women Leaders Network (YWLN)

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