Make good use of old musicians before they’re gone – Mohammed May

Managing Editor of Ghana Trace Music, Adam Mohammed (Mohammed May) has admonished young (upcoming) musicians in the North to humble themselves and learn from the pacesetters and experienced musicians.

Mohammed May in a Facebook sighted by TamaleOnline News bemoaned the level of arrogance exhibited by some artists who should rather humble themselves and learn.

According to him, most artists are unable to maintain some level of consistency in recording hit songs because they fail to learn from the experienced musicians.

“They choose to be playing whatever even if it will take them 2 decades and start feeling proud if they get some 20 accolades from their area boys.”

He further stated that these artists should therefore avail themselves to the experience musicians to guide them in order to produce quality music.

“Make good use of some of the old musicians before they are gone. They got something to share with you that will take you years to know. Most of the people who are making or made it in the creative art industry got someone who introduced them to it.”, Mohammed May concluded.


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