LPG Bunkpurugu constituency parliamentary candidate aims to win with smaller communities

The LPG candidate Mr Dimongso Kafari Benjamin for Bunkpurugu Constituency aims to win the parliamentary seat with massive support from the smaller communities in the constituency. This is as a result of several researches conducted by his research team and other partners.

They Team have predicted a win twice after the second round of their survey, which were conducted before and after the voter registration exercise in the Bunkpurugu Constituency. They have also analyzed certain Geopolitical factors and other Parameters that would result to the doom of the NPP and NDC candidates in this year’s election.

Most of their analysis were based on the performance of previous candidates in the 2012 and 2016 elections. Hon Dimongso Kafari Benjamin has also indicated that his win in the election will be a shocking one to many Politicians in the country.

He said his team had researched on various challenges and problems that are facing the communities which could have been addressed by the previous Members of Parliament (MP’s) and their governments.

He added that his target is to promote socio-economic development in constituency through Agriculture, Tourism, Education, Entrepreneurship, ICT activities and many more. He believes that when the constituents are empowered in such activities the will be liberated from poverty and will be able to contribute their quota to national development.

Addressing some youth groups, Chiefs and other community members of the Boaterigu and Boaguri communities in the Bunkpurugu Constituency, Hon. Dimongso Kafari Benjamin complained of the inability of previous and current Members of Parliament in providing Development, jobs and opportunities for the youth and their people in such communities after winning power for decades now.

He admonished them to be watchful and vigilant in this year’s election not to allow anyone to deceive them once more.

He also lamented on how both parties have fail to recognized the potential of the district numerous Natural resources found in it and their inability to come out with strategies and policies to utilize such resources to generate revenue and employment for the people. When asked he emphasis that the Nakpanduri Scarp alone could employ not less than 12,000 rural folks with its value chain activities.

He mentioned that when voted into power he will establish a groundnut-processing factory in the constituency since Nakpanduri community is an emerging retail groundout processing community with many women making a living with the sale of roasted groundnut as a form of business venture and income generation.

He said this would help to improve on high scale of production for the local farmers and to improve on their incomes levels.

He had also assured the chiefs and their people of his support to their children education, which mentioned that his target is to improve child education especially the girl child, and he has outlined and adopted certain policies to tackle that the educational problems the constituency is currently facing.

Among such policies he will implement after winning power is the Mobile-School project, where children will learn from trained facilitators at their homes after schooling hours and weekends. These will be done with the provision of Library-Vehicles with well stocked Teaching and Storybooks in them, which will move from one community to another daily.

The project will also improve on ICT learning since computers and other IT gargets would be installed in such vehicles to be taught by the ICT facilitators trained by the project. When asked of how all this will be funded, he replied with a question “what is the use of the MP’s Common Fund?

Apart from using the MP’s Common Fund to promote developmental projects such as this kind, I will also lobby with certain Companies, International NGOs and Embassies to fund this laudable idea to improve education for the children of the Bunkpurugu constituency.

He said he is not afraid of the two candidates from the NPP and the NDC, he believes that the election 2020 with major regards to the parliamentary seat in the Bunkpurugu Constituency is going to won by him.

He said, his opponents for some time now have been going round with their health walks in the constituency with imported people from other communities just to show that they have the crowd following them, but the election is not going to depend on how many people comes to your campaign grounds, but the real message on the grounds and letting the people to understand your message without lies and propaganda.

He said for some decades now the constituency have suffered with failed leadership to address the social needs of the people and should not be given any chance in this year’s election. He believes that voting for them means another four years of suffering for the people and their children.

He said this is his third round visiting in the constituency after his declaration in July this year on his intention to contest the elections. He has covered over 80% of the constituency and yet to complete the rest immediately after picking and Filling his nominations forms with the EC in October.

Nevertheless, his hardworking team has already and currently visiting most of the communities with the formation of polling station executives and other party’s events.

Source: Dimongso Kafari Benjamin Campaign Team

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