Liberia flies Veep to Ghana due to breathing difficulties

Liberia’s Vice-President Jewel Howard-Taylor has been flown to Ghana for treatment after developing “respiratory complications”, according to a press statement from her office.

Mrs Taylor left the country on Tuesday afternoon following a four-day stay at a private clinic in the capital, Monrovia.

Doctors at the clinic recommended her transfer after she had been stabilised, her office said.

It denied media reports linking her complications to Covid-19, the respiratory disease caused by coronavirus.

Liberia’s weak healthcare system, following a civil war that ended 17 years ago, has seen government officials and the rich routinely travel abroad for medical attention.

The vice-president’s transfer to Ghana prompted an avalanche of calls to radio talk shows in Monrovia on Wednesday, with many people expressing frustration over the poor healthcare system.

Mrs Taylor, 56, is an ex-wife of jailed former Liberian President Charles Taylor. She became the vice-president to ex-footballer George Weah in 2018 under a coalition arrangement.

She has often complained of not being treated like the second in command.

Source: BBC

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