Kusasi man wears 34 smocks to mark 34th Samanpiid festival in Bawku

A Kusasi man by the name Waasa in Bawku in the Upper East Region has marked this year’s annual Samanpiid festival by wearing 34 pieces of smocks.

Waasa, who was spotted at the event grounds shook the crowd with his fashion style. 

The youth who were dancing in their smocks suddenly stopped to cheer Waasa who popped up in his heavy smocks. 

Waasa, who is popularly known as smocks chief, said he wears the smocks according to the number of years of the festival.

According to him, he wore the 34 smocks to mark the 34th Samanpiid festival. 

“I am a proud Kusaa and I do wear my smocks to celebrate my culture,” he stated. 

He said every year he buys a smock to make sure he does not run short when the time for the Samanpiid festival approaches. 

He noted that the enemy of the people of Bawku is poverty and unemployment, not conflict. 

He calls for peace among the feuding factions in Bawku for development to thrive.

Story By: Atubugri Simon Atule

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