Konkomba Ladies Network donate medical equipment to Saboba District Hospital

The Konkomba Ladies Network (KONLAN) in the Saboba district of the Northern Region has donated some medical equipment to the district health directorate to help improve health service to the people.

The donation, according to the group, is to assist the directorate in the delivery of better health services in the area.

Better Health care services is one important thing that people are expected to receive when they visit the hospital.

Even in the cities, some basic things are lacking in the facilities.

Saboba district is one of the deprived areas in the country and health care service is also a major challenge for the people.

Patients who visit the hospital have no beds and other equipment to use.

In line with this, women in the area have collaborated to assist the health directorate.

KONLAN has been touched by the plight of the people in the district. The ladies have been able to mobilize some items to be given to the hospital.

The ladies donated the items to the national Konkomba Youth Association, KOYA for onward donation to the hospital.

Alima Nsanyasn Bingo is the 1st vice President of KOYA. She presented the items on behalf of the Konkomba ladies.

She said the items would go a long way to improve the delivery of health services in the district.

She used the donation to call on families to support the education of the girl child.

She said educating the girl child has a great impact on society.

“Educating a lady is educating the nation, and I want our men and the entire world to see the essence of educating a lady. They would always look back home, as we have done today”.

Madam Alima bemoaned the difficulties women go through in the Konkomba tradition, especially widows and orphans.

She said, now, in the Konkomba society, no man wants to marry a widow after the death of her husband.

This she said is making the ladies go through a lot of difficulties. She is therefore calling on the men to support the women.

“We are appealing to our men that widowhood and orphanage is our major challenge, and we are tired. In recent times in the nation, no one wants to marry a widow or take care of an orphan. We are therefore appealing to everyone that they should ensure that there is peace. Let’s avoid conflicts and find better ways of resolving our differences”.

She further called on women to give attention to their children and asked men to support them.

“Women should learn to give attention to their children. Nurturing is very important, and I call on the men to stand by us and support us to nurture our children”.

Receiving the items, the national President of KOYA, Jawol Titus, thanked the ladies for the wonderful support and assured them that it would help in the delivery of better health services.

“On behalf of KOYA, we say a very big thank you to KONLAN. It is more gratifying to have you remember home. KOYA will accordingly deliver it to the Saboba medical centre. It is ur hope that it would go a long way to improve the health in the district”.

The equipment includes 22-wheel chairs, 34 sitting chairs, 17 walking sticks, cardiac and physiotherapy support equipment, 42 curtains and one drip pan.

By: Mohammed Aminu M. Alabira | Citi FM

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