Is Samini Really Happy With Akufo-Addo?

Ghanaian reggae/dancehall musician Samini has made headlines on the tabloids in the country with negative publicity triumphing, within the past twelve months.

Articles in the media concerning the artiste ranged from fresh beef, rekindled beef to political controversies.

When many thought the beef between Samini and his musical rival Shatta Wale ended following the release of their first-ever collaboration ‘Celebration’ in 2019, the ‘My Own’ hitmaker surprised everyone.

Also, there were rumors about rigidity between Samini and his musical son Stonebwoy, but this was not authenticated until 2020.

The three dancehall maestros in the country have been the center of attraction and controversy as far as the Ghana music industry is concerned. But many claimed Samini has lost relevancy and is chasing clouts with unnecessary beef now.

In 2015, Samini denied he was fanning the smoldering beef which started in 2014 with Shatta Wale to attract some attention with the release of his ‘Vexx Madd’ song.

The two artistes hit each other with diss songs. Shatta first came out with Sixth Letter to Samini after which Samini countered with Scatter Bad Mind. Fast forward to 2021, the denials turned to truths.

Let’s put the beef aside for now and tackle his political affiliation.

Samini in 2020, openly pledged his support for President Akufo-Addo during the December 7 presidential election. This was met with fierce criticism by fans, with saying he publicly endorsing a  candidate and a political party would affect his career adversely.

Meanwhile, critics had already slammed the artiste for his seeming failing career at the time since he had not produced any hit song in a while.

Samini, after his endorsement, went ahead to release a campaign song titled Kpoyaka.

In the song, he praised President Akufo-Addo highly and sang about how his (Akufo-Addo’s) policies transformed the lives of Ghanaians.

Samini undoubtedly lost many social media followers, but he was unperturbed. Fortunately for him, his party, the ruling New Patriotic Party, won the elections as announced by the Electoral Commission.

Many had expected that the ‘Obaa’ composer would rip some benefits off his support for the party with probably some money, appointments, etc. But none of those have been publicly announced.

His recent trolling came after President Aufo-Addo announced his deputy ministerial appointees a couple of days ago and Samini was not mentioned.

News spread that the singer was angry at the President for promising him an appointment and leaving him hanging afterward.

The veracity of these claims could not be ascertained.

But Samini came out to openly deny the reports. Despite his public denial, some fans are still skeptical. Some fans do not really think Samini is a happy man. They feel he is truly disappointed in the President for not giving him the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture job but rather to Mark Okraku Martey, an entertainment industry expert.

Well, it’s been 12 months since we heard a hit song from the legend, and we hope his political affiliation in the past few months does not affect his career negatively especially when it’s got to do with getting endorsements.

Government would definitely change hands someday and we hope he does not become a victim.

Samini is not the only entertainer to openly declare support for a political party, but some of them have had their careers take nosedives after they openly campaigned for a party or candidate.

Source: African Entertainment

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