I’m more focused on beating Damongo MP, Jinapor than Ben Ephsons Polls – Tiki

Independent parliamentary candidate for the Damongo Constituency, David Tiki Dange has promised not to be distracted by what pollster Ben Ephson has put out about the Damongo seat but remain very focused on the grounds appealing to the constituents to vote for him to change the fortunes of the Damongo Constituency.

Mr Tiki in an interview cleared the air that he belongs not to either party but remain very committed to bringing development to the doorsteps of the people which both the NDC and the NPP has failed to do over the years.

He said the Damongo seat is never the bonifide property for the two parties and urged the two other contenders to throw the towel and come to support him since apart from he being a senior brother to the two, he is very much capable of bringing investors into the constituency.

Referring to the NPP parliamentary candidate Lawyer Samuel Jinapor, Mr Tiki Dange said democracy is about the people and if you cannot subject yourself to the people to confirm your popularity and come unopposed is a deception of the highest order.

He added that the member of Parliament for the Damongo Constituency has done his part and should be retired in the December polls, adding that much of his support is from the two parties with majority of floating voters yearning for a positive change since the constituents are simply tired of the duopoly of NPP/ NDC for approximately 30 years with nothing to show.

He said the people have been lied to and used by politicians and for 30 years Damongo Constituency still does not have water, a common basic necessity.

According to him Mr Ben Ephson will be taken aback come December 7 2020.

Pollster Ben Ephson on tv3 predicted a loss for incumbent MP for Damongo Constituency Adam Mutawakilu in the December 7 parliamentary elections.

The Ranking Member of the Mines and Energy Committee of Parliament is facing a contest from a Deputy Chief of Staff, Samuel Abu Jinapor with an independent candidate, David Tiki Dange, challenging for the seat in the capital of the newly created Savannah Region.

Mr Ephson stated “the independent candidate is taking more votes from [Adam] Mutawakilu’s basket of votes”.

By: Zion Abdul-Rauf

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