I usually get carried away by ladies with big buttocks – Says Maccasio

“Too Big” hitmaker from the camp of the Zola Music Group, Maccasio has professed his admiration for ladies heavily endowed in their backside.

The “Rappers Jack” has been busy promoting his latest viral song christened “Banger” and has set aside GHS500 reward package for the best dance video.

The multiple award winning rapper in a brief interaction on the climax of the “Banger Dance Challenge” Monday said “majority of ladies from the Northern Region I have seen in the challenge videos are naturally blessed with big buttocks.”

“What usually gets me carried away is that fact it is well package and sexy,” Maccasio added with his usually charming smile.

This goes to affirmed the notion that girls (Women) from the Northern part of the country are natural blessed with good body shape especially in their backside.

The winner of Maccasio’s “Banger Dance Challenge” will be announced soon followed by an official presentation of the GHS500 cash prize.

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