I am not involved in any palace project in Dagbon – Zuu Bukali

A patriot of Dagbon based in the US, Iddrisu Abubakari Sadique Tia, has reitreated he has completely washed his hands off any campaign, soliciting for funds for the construction of a palace in Dagbon.

Mr. Abubakari Sadique, affectionately called Zuu Bukali Tia, has cautioned friends and followers on and off social media to disregard any of such messages from a group on WhatsApp with his name in it.

According to him in a disclaimer issued Wednesday, March 4, Zuu Bukali stated that “I have made it known to the people involved that I cannot be I am not in the best of situations now.”

“I will contribute to a palace project I have I am definitely not part of its organization or execution,”

Zuu Bukali added.

He further urged the public to treat any such message with my name as inaccurate.


Zuu Bukali, a senior auditor with E.Y auditing firm in New Jersey after the enskinment of a new Yaa-Naa for the first time in 16 years in January 2019, initiated the “befitting” palace project to consolidate the gains of Dagbon after a protracted Chieftaincy dispute for almost two decades.

The project designs included an administrative office, a private clinic for the Yaa-Naa, museum, a police post etc.

However, the process didn’t see the light of day after Zuu Bukali announced he was no long interested haven’t been accused of attempts to syphon monies from unsuspectung indigenes to enrich himself.

Source: tamaleonline.net

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