His Identity was mistaken, Accused of Rape and Jailed in Sweden- Kingsley Sarfo recounts his story

Ghana international Kinsley Sarfo has revealed that “mistaken identity” sent him to jail in Sweden over rape charges. The 26-year-old, who is now the captain of Cyprus side Olympiakos Nicosia, was sentenced to 32 months in prison after being found guilty on two cases of statutory rape of an under-aged Ghanaian girl in 2018.

The Malmo District Court says the then 23-year old Sarfo, a midfielder with top Swedish club Malmo FF, had sexual intercourse with a 14-year-old girl in an apartment and in a public toilet.

The court also ordered Sarfo to pay 150,000 kronor ($17,260) in compensation to the girl, adding he should be deported after jail and banned from returning to Sweden for a 10-year period. However, Sarfo was released after one-year and 10 months in jail.

Explaining the incident on Untold Stories, Kingsley said he was mistaken for someone who also bore his name Kinsley and was dating the girl who he was accused to have raped.
“I knew the lady and her mum used to complain that she doesn’t sleep in the house and lives a wayward life and at that time I was dating a Swedish girl”.

“I had a call up to the Black Stars and at that time too some clubs were interested in me so they used to do flyers with my picture and because the lady knew me she used to post me on her snapchat and at that time she was also dating one of my team mates who is called Kingsley. And because she used to post my pictures, her mum thought I was the Kingsley boy who was making her daughter leave a wayward life “He told Untold Stories
Kingsley confirmed to have had a relationship with the girl but ended years before the rape accusation.
“I have had something to do with the girl but the time her mother was accusing me our relationship had ended long ago. When I was with her she told me she was 16 years but unfortunately I was not in her life when the incident happened. He was then dating another Kinsley but because she used to post my picture her mother took that to the police ad they came to arrest me. The other Kingsley was even arrested and later freed. my case was a very complicated one and everything was not in my favor although I was not that Kinsley. He added
Kingsley Sarfo is currently in court with the Swedish government fighting for fair justice

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