Having Sex With Someone You Don’t Live With Is Now Illegal In UK

Certain things that people in the UK have been doing for generations are now illegal.

One of such things is having sex with a person you don’t live with.

Reports say it is now illegal to have sex with someone you don’t live with in the UK due to coronavirus restrictions.

We understand that new coronavirus rules in the UK mean that a person can end up with a criminal record for having sex in his or her own home

Reports say effective June 1, 2020, anyone caught having sex at home with somebody who doesn’t live there could land themselves with a criminal record.

As part of a new government rule, it is now illegal to get intimate with someone from a different household, according to reports.

But people are now allowed to gather in groups of up to six in public places.

Until June 1, the an individual visiting a house for sex would have been the one in breach of the measures.

However, both people would be able to be prosecuted under the law with Amendment Regulations being introduced in Parliament on Monday.

A report by Mirror indicate that the new legislation explicitly bans being inside the house in a gathering of more than one person without a reasonable excuse.

People who may be deemed to have a reasonable excuse are sports professionals, people attending funerals, vulnerable persons fleeing a risk of violence, carers and those with unavoidable work commitments, reports say.

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