“Haruna Iddrisu recruited us to vandalize Mahama billboards in 2013” – Coalition of NDC Youth Groups

Minority Leader Haruna Iddrisu has been accused of masterminding some pockets of political violence in the Northern Region for his parochial intentions. 

This comes on the back of tensions between the Tamale South legislator and businessman cum financier of the Umbrella Party widely known as Alhaji Fuzak. 

Addressing a press conference in Tamale on Monday, 6th September, 2021, a group calling itself the Coalition of Youth Groups of the NDC in the Northern Region alleged Mr Iddrisu on numerous occasions recruited them to unleash mayhem on some leading party members including distraction of party properties for his “selfish interest”.

Secretary of the Coalition, Alhassan Abdul Jalal who address the media said, the evil machinations against former President John Mahama, party executives and members in the region by the Minority Leader for his presidential ambition has the tendency of crippling the fortunes of the NDC in the Northern Region. 

“Over the period, this gentleman has sought to instigate verbal and physical attacks on people who he feels are militating against his ambition to become the most powerful politician in the north and invariably president of the republic. A single siting like this will not be enough to recount the numerous violence he has sponsored through his assigns in the northern region since John Mahama became president and leader of the ndc. But for the purposes of your appreciation of the issues, we shall highlight a few instances where he sponsored violent attacks against his supposed adversaries,” he alleged. 

Alhassan Jalal further stated “On the 17th January, 2013, some of our members were recruited by him through his assigns to burn everything that has John Mahama on it. Billboards and everything. They explained that John Mahama hates him and for that matter intends to take him out of government. And the only thing that could stop it is to treathen John Mahama through violent riots. Certainly this was orchestrated to put John Mahama in a bad light. Unbeknowning to us about his hatred for John Mahama we executed it as directed.”

It would recalled some irate youth of the NDC in January 2013 went on rampage in Tamale vandalizing billboards belonging to John Dramani Mahama. 

The ‘Party Boys’ suspect that Mr Mahama who was president at the time may not appoint Haruna Iddrisu who was caretaker Minister for Communication into his government. 

Source: tamaleonline.net

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