Haruna Iddrisu questions Kissi Agyebeng’s independence as Special Prosecutor

Minority Leader Haruna Iddrisu says he doubts that Kissi Agyebeng will be independent in the Special Prosecutor role he has been selected for.

According to him, the government’s decision not to subject the appointment to a contest as recommended by the US Embassy, makes the appointment less transparent.

Speaking in Parliament during the approval of Kissi Agyebeng, Friday, he said “to punish corruption and to punish close politically exposed persons, you need a truly independent person. So, that is where, I will have my doubt. How independent will Kissi Agyebeng be, given the determination that he was handpicked or recommended by the Attorney General,” he said.

Mr Iddrisu explained that the country did not depend on Article 88 of the Constitution to fight corruption because Attorney Generals selected by governments have continuously failed in the fight against corruption.

He stated that down the road, when searching for an individual to take the office, the President must make the position competitive and advertise it for interested persons to apply.

Subsequently, an apolitical person should be selected to occupy the position so he or she can prosecute persons engaged in corrupt activities, he stated.

“The determination of the Special Prosecutor in the letter of the US Embassy dated August 31, 2017, is that, the Special Prosecutor should be subject to a transparent competitive short listing process.”

“This special prosecutor was not subjected to this requirement. I associate myself with this requirement and I think that next time, the President must cause an advertisement to be made publicly,” Mr Iddrisu added.

Meanwhile, Parliament has in a unanimous decision approved Kissi Agyebeng as Special Prosecutor.

The House on Friday approved Mr Agyebeng after a report of Parliament’s Appointment Committee recommended same.

“The committee has duly recommended the nominee of the President for the appointment of the Special Prosecutor in line with the Section 13 (3) and (8) of the Special Prosecutor Act 2017 and the standing orders of Parliament and recommends the nominee Mr Kissi Agyebeng to the House for approval.”

The MPs subsequently approved the Committee’s report.

Once he is sworn in by President Akufo-Addo, the 43-year-old succeeds Martin Amidu who was the first country’s first Special Prosecutor.

Source: Myjoyonline.com

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