GRASSAG-UDS chapter urges youth to abstain from electoral violence

The Graduate Students of Ghana (GRASSAG) chapter of the University for the Development Studies (UDS) have admonished the Ghanaian youth to refrain from engaging in any form of political violence before, during and after the 7th December, 2020 general elections.

Speaking at a day’s stakeholder engagement held in Tamale on Saturday, 3rd October involving gas faith based groups and some selected youth groups and student unions, Central President of GRASSAG, Madam Rosina Zenabu Abdul-Rahman noted the youth are future leaders of the country and must uphold themselves as peace ambassadors for sustainable development.

According to her, the initiative forms part of GRASSAG anniversary and to mark the launch of a campaign against electoral violence.

“When and where there’s peace, there is unity and development of which we at UDS stand for. But when there is lack of peace, the nation suffers all forms of setbacks which includes loss of resources such as human resources material and financial resources,” she stated.

She added “We are therefore calling on all leaders especially the politicians here and everywhere to help nurse we the youth including the graduate students here to take over the future responsibilities raised on you today.”

However, Madam Zenabu also called on political parties to desist from using the youth to perpetuate violence before and during the December 7 polls.

Leadership of various student and youth groups at the stakeholder engagement.

On his part, Abdul Mumin Dignity, a rep from Non-Voilence Communications (NVC) believes the engagement will go a along way to sanitize the minds of the youth against engaging in any actor electoral violence.

“I believe that the leadership of various student unions and youth groups from here have gathered enough information which they can also pass on their members.

“It is refreshing to be part of this engagement put together by the UDS chapter of GRASSAG and we hope for a non-violent activities in this year’s elections,” he concluded.


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