Govt has performed poorly in improving security of Ghanaians – Security analyst

Security expert, Adib Sani has said the recent string of robbery cases across the country proves how poorly government has performed in enhancing the safety of Ghanaians, ahead of the polls.

According to him, Ghana has seen a consistency in the rise of robbery cases since 2017 yet a huge chunk of these cases has been inconclusive.

Speaking in an exclusive interaction with GhanaWeb he said government’s failure to address these issues is to blame for the new cases being recorded.

“I’m not surprised in any way by the recent string of robbery attacks because we’ve failed to address the fundamental issues so far as security is concerned in the country. The robbery attacks are only an indication of how ineffective and inefficient we have been so far as improving security in the country is concerned…,” he asserted.

Adding that “…it’s very consistent with the pattern of a rise in crime since 2017 and obviously also an indication of how poorly the government has fared in improving security in the country…statistics by the bureau of public safety…points to the fact that there’s a growing sense of insecurity…”

Over the past two months, several incidents of robberies have been recorded in the country. A number of these cases involved high profile personalities and political party executives.

In one of such attacks, the Member of Parliament for Mfantseman, Ekow Quansah Hayford was shot dead.

Similarly, a youth organizer of the opposition NDC was also shot dead in a robbery attack in Pusiga. An Electoral Commission boss, Benjamin Bannor in the Ashanti Region was also robbed at gunpoint.

More recently, another robbery operation undertaken in broad daylight in Alabar, Kumasi saw perpetrators flee with over GHC400,000 snatched from traders.

Source: Ghana Web

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