Government directs NABCO trainees to stay at post

Trainees engaged under the National Builders’ Corps (NABCO) programme have been asked to remain at post until further notice.

The comes after some institutions asked these personnel under the various modules of the programme to proceed on leave following the expiration of their three years engagement.

The Secretariat in a statement issued Monday, November 15, 2021 said the decision was taken after a high powered stakeholder meeting with NABCO Module Implementation Partners (MIP).

“Following a high-level Stakeholder meeting with the lead NABCO Module Inmplementation Partners(MIPS) led by His Escelency the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana and The Honorable Chief of Staff, all NABCO trainces are rcquircd to remain at post,” it said.

The Secretariat also charged trainees to remain at post and to continue to discharge their duties until the MIPS finalize their exit arrangements.

“In line with the exit preparation after your Three (3) years on the scheme, all NABCO trainces will
remain at post pending permanent arangements. The NABCO Secretariat expects trainces to continue to discharge their duties diligently and professionally at their various workplaces whilst the scheme and the MIPs work towards a smooth final transition.”

It concluded “A new cohort of NABCO Trainces will be recruited next year.”


In 2018, government recruitment about 100,000 youth from various tertiary institutions for a period of three years under the National Builders’ Corps (NABCO) programme.

The programme is an initiative to address graduate unemployment to solve social problems.

The focus of the initiative will be solving public service delivery in health, education, agriculture, technology, governance and drive revenue mobilization and collection.

The objectives of the programme is to provide temporary employment to unemployed graduates and improve skills and employability for transition from programme to permanent employment among others.


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