Gonga Zamani rebukes Maccasio for calling radio presenters “Professional”

Controversial singer Gonga Zamani (formally known as Lil K) has chastised multiple award-winning rapper, Sheriff Abdul-Majeed widely known as Maccasio for saying the radio space in Tamale is filled with unprofessional presenters.

The Dagomba girl hit maker went berserk on Facebook over claims by a radio host that he has not done anything in 2020.

He accused entertainment presenters and panelists of hiding facts from their listeners and hating on artists.

“The Radio feeling is dying here… soo many unprofessionals on the airwaves..those supposed to educate the people are rather misleading them.they know nothing about music business,artiste lifestyle,lacks music knowledge they just showing pure hatred on artistes whiles hiding facts..how u go boldly sit on radio n lie to ur cherish listeners that Maccasio did nothing this year.Smh credibility lost. Nobody go take u serious again,” portions of Maccasio’s post read.

But reacting to Macassio’s claims, Gonga Zamani opined that it was the DJs [presenters] who helped propel his musical career to the highest level.

The Yelin ba Yelmangli crooner in a Facebook post Saturday, 5th December, 2020 said Macassio, whom he prefer to call his son is rather frustrated his shine has gone done.

He wrote “Hahahah is funny though, Opana Forgot they are the Same Djs that promoted him to get his So call fame Some time back just now you are down you then feel thier are unprofessionals, but then they were not different Djs is just that now you are not clicking and thats the life so take it easy my Son ……

Source: tamaleonline.net

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