Ghanaians are sleeping, will wake up one day – Yvonne Nelson

A popular Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson has alleged that the people who are entrusted with the mandate to manage the country’s resources are rather misusing and stealing them.

According to her, there is rather what she describes as “zero accountability”, and to her, the people of Ghana are sleeping, hence, the reason such leaders are having field day.

Yvonne believed the sleeping Ghanaians will soon wake up to deal with the bad managers in a way it will serve them as a nemesis.

“They misuse resources and steal, they think we don’t know. Zero accountability. The day Ghanaians will really wake up is coming. My people are sleeping now”, the actress disclosed.

She said this on Tweeter, on December 26, when expressed her dissatisfaction about the manner in which Ghana’s resources are nanaged.

Yvonne Nelson is noted for criticizing regimes for not doing so well in terms of managing the economy, the past government inclusive.

She was part of celebrities who organized demo over the “poor management” of dumsor in the country under the erstwhile John Mahama government.

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