Gadam Nation, 69 Today: Enough of the negative talks about our artists

Let’s try the positive way of promo and see how that one too will go. For almost 15 years now , it has always been controversy in the industry. 

And this has affected us alot upon my research for the past years. The question is who are the cause of this in this the industry? 

It started from Lil K and Don Sigli when  the issue of the song “pagba” as to who is the owner of the song is. A lot of lebels like Dj Maestro, Carlos Entertainment, Parara Entertainment and Front Page Entertainment were some few that managed this artists. 

Later, Front Page Signed Fancy and Sky [whiles] Parara Entertainment signed Ataaka [before] Saani was also signed by Half a Loaf. 

The competition was very tight then. 

Maccasio also came after his first single and later featured Lil K where the fun base of the founder of Zango Youth thought the song was a beef song to their boss Fancy. 

Now the controversy started between Fancy and Maccasio, ie; Gadam Nation and 69 [fans] today. Have we been able to push [them] to the whole world? 

Do we think if all we say about our artist are always negative things, [How would] that encourage investors in our industry?

Why is it that we always try our best possible to push our artists to the top, and when they are getting there we turn again to pull them down. (operation PHD) must stop. 

Even though controversy sells, but let’s project the good side of the job too.

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21 August the throne concert 

Let’s make history again 




Author: Bitterflesh Kaya

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