Former CPP parliamentary candidate for Mion cross carpet to NPP

As part of the strategies put in place by the Northern Regional Chairman of NPP to deliver more seats to NPP in the region, Mr Mohammed Samba negotiated for Mr. Nbanyun Nnaye Philimon, the 2016 Parliamentary candidate for Mion constituency and his entire community to cross carpet to the ruling NPP.

Mr. Nbanyun Nnaye Philimon hails from Naadundo in the Mion constituency recorded 1,222 votes in the 2016 general elections.

Sources close to the NPP’s Northern Regional indicated that Mr Philimon said Mr Samba’s softhearted approach and respect for mankind is an indication that his Chairmanship in the region will last beyond 4years.

The source added that the choice of Mr Aziz is a catalyst for Mion development and called on his followers in the constituency to join him to usher Mr Aziz in Parliament come December 7th.

“I am ever ready to help your course and that of Nana/Bawumia” the source quoted.

It would be recalled that the Mr Mohammed Samba promised of delivering 15 seats to the NPP in this year’s election.

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