Forget about filling Tamale Sports Stadium, go international with live music – King Ayisoba tells Fancy Gadam, others 

Ghanaian international traditional musician Albert Apozoore has sounded words of caution to Northern Region hailing artists like Fancy Gadam, Macassio and others.

In a recent interview with Sammy Flex, the one-time VGMA winner stated that filling a stadium to its full capacity does not guarantee one as a good musician.

He stated that touring the world with live and authentic kinds of music is the way to go.

“I believe Fancy Gadam has a lot to learn, you see the way I play live music with the local guitar, someone should advise him on how to use live music because to me, the champion musician is the one who can play live music.

“Filling the stadium is not a bad idea but there has to be great music and that is live music because for me I want to be like Salif Keita, Bob Marley, and all those who toured the globe; I want to die and live behind my legacy,” he stated.

To him, conquering Ghana as the Artiste of The Year, touring Canada, and some parts of the globe were what he looked forward to as an artist.

King Ayisoba added that he is never interested in being branded as a champion on the local terrain as his interest is to go beyond borders.

“Tamale is my home, I have filled there and Bolga including some Northern parts of the country so to me I believe Ghana is a small terrain and I am saying this as a one time artist of the year,” he added.

For some time, a recent crop of artists in the Northern part of the country have successfully held sold-out shows in the Tamale Sports Stadium.

Some of these artists have placed a premium on some of these shows on their careers as pedigrees.

One such artist is Fancy Gadam, who is noted to have said in an interview that the era has capabilities to fill up huge venues than the older ones.

Story By: Kumah Prince Michael

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