“Fix our street lights now” – Tamale Residents

Tamale, the Northern Regional capital is arguably one if the fastest growing cities in Ghana coupled with some appreciable level of infrastructural development, education, health among others.

In recent times, there has been a public outcry by most residents over darkness in the metropolis as virtually all the streets light in Tamale are nonfunctional.

Some areas or streets that are affected includes the Lamashegu road, Ghana Libya-Kakpag’yili , Industrial area, Dabokpa vocational road, Kaliriga-Tuutingli, Hospital road, Tamale metro Assembly, jubilee park police HQ, and many more.

Following this development, some residents in the affected areas started a Facebook campaign dubbed “Fix Tamale Streets Lights” calling the attention of authorities to fix the problem.

They referenced how Tamale was once known for the clear and bright city due to the beauty of the streets from which it gained the name “The City of Lights” during the CAN 2008 tournament.

However, few years down the line and the streets are not as bright as they used to a decade ago.

According to some Facebook users, “the streets lights has many unnoticed benefits but the leaders seems to forget its importance hence why attention isn’t given much to the current state of the streets, aside it’s beautification, it also ensures personal security and protections for its citizens.

They believe with the streets lights some unforeseen accidents with both vehicles or pic pocketer, many of such incidents could be avoided.

Others cited cases were economic activities was booming and flourishing business an the night and a source of revenue mobilization raising for the assembly.

Further arguments on the matter on Facebook indicates the situation has raod accidents and a surge in armed robbery and criminal activities.

“It is therefore very necessary for the lights to be in good working state again to protect the citizenry and make build a better city.”

another user stated.

Meanwhile, residents in the metropolis who spoke to TamaleOnline News are therefore appealing to the government through the local assemblies and rightful authorities within the Tamale Metropolis, as a matter of urgency fix all non-functional streets lights in the metropolis come safeguard lives and properties as well as restore “The City of Lights” accolade.

Source: tamaleonline.net|Haruna Nasara Khaleeda

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