Fancy Gadam and Maccasio attack each other in renewed musical feud

Many are those who may think the musical war between singer Fancy Gadam and rapper Maccasio has taken a nosedive.

Well, the two of Northern Ghana biggest musical export have taken over social media Wednesday morning firing shots at each other.

The new twist to their rivalry ensued following their respective album launch at the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium in October 2019 (Dream Album by Fancy Gadam) and early January (Zero2Hero by Maccasio).

Both artist have over the years have been battling for supremacy as to who commands the numbers, awards and sold out events in and outside Tamale.

Total Cheat smash hit crooner, Fancy Gadam fired the first shot as he subtly punches holes at the recently held Zero2Hero Concert by the self-proclaimed Rap King.

The 5Minutes Music signee among other things said in a post shared on Facebook that Maccasio’s concert was bedeviled with “Poor Production” and “Low Patronage.”

One sure thing Fancy Gadam and his
management team will always make sure is giving you the best quality staging, Quality sound systems and lighting plus stage craft, thus by far giving you the best value for your money! We won’t deceive fans and hide behind streets of tamale to get you liable to break or give way under pressure kind of production to our loyal and dedicated fans. We are setting all time records with productions and numbers. THATS WHY WE DONT CRY ON STAGE BECAUSE OF POOR PRODUCTION AND LOW TURN-OUT/PATRONAGE . When we do shed tears it is “Tears of Joy for our top chatting albums, history making concerts, major tunouts and a hell lots of good patronage and magnificent production'”!

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Fancy Gadam wrote on his Facebook page.

However, the Dagomba Girl hitmaker wouldn’t allow this slide away without also throwing shades at the self-acclaimed “Star Boy”.

The Zola Music signee in his response labelled his opponent as the most “useless and ungrateful being” on earth.

He also accused Fancy Gadam of “greed and selfishness.”

Quick one

Latifu aka Suale the schmecker, is the most useless/ungrateful human being on earth. His fans just blinded with the love they got for him.

I Maccasio, I’ve never wished u bad in your work not even once, many times
congratulated u on your wins. Wished u well for ur shows even made video to tell my fans to come Suport u.

Etheromanic can u tell Me when u ever posted a video telling people to come Support me? But I still make it bigger,
this should tell u Am not ur match, not ur type bambu dibimli… Your useless team couldn’t organize a clean float and beautiful people lost their life’s and u pretend u Were hurt buh we all knew u opened that mouth like Sakasaka gutter
and cried because of the money you Were gonna loose. So many times ur sounds broke down in ur concerts and u got the nerve to talk about my production? Boy, My self, my team
and my fans are the best in the world. Am so

Maccasio fired in his response.


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