East Gonja: Sub-chiefs, youth boycott customary visits to Kpembewura’s palace over involvement in MCE confirmation

Sub-chiefs and youth of Kembe traditional area in the East Gonja Municipality of the Savannah Region, have allegedly boycotted the usual Monday and Friday visits to the Kpembewura’s palace over his involvement in the MCE confirmation processes.

In a thirty-five seconds video recorded at the palace and available to this reporter, the sub-chiefs and the youth were practically missing at the palace in what sources say is a move to register their displeasure over the Kpembewura’s decision to convey a press conference pertaining to the MCE confirmation.

Kpembewura, Dari Bismarck Haruna, on 4th November, conveyed a presser read on his behalf by Lepowura MND Jawula where he expressed his disappointment at Assembly members of the East Gonja Municipal Assembly for failing to confirm the MCE nominee for the area, Hon. Mohammed Tamimu for the second time.

The Paramount Chief in his presser revealed that prior to the confirmation process, he conveyed a stakeholder engagement with relevant stakeholders including the assembly members in consultation with his sub-chiefs, elders and the clergy in his capacity as the traditional head of the area.

The reason for the engagement according to the Paramount Chief was to put behind all the past and present grievances for amicable solutions in other to forge ahead in oneness for the development of the area.

But in sharp contrast, a deep throat source alleged that on the day of the presser which was held at the palace of the Kpembewura, chiefs, queen mothers and the youth were caught unaware of the act.

According to the source, they were ambushed by the Kpembewura indicating that they went there only to be greeted by the presence of the media.

They described the presser as a “profiteering campaign” at the detriment of the general well-being of the traditional area.

They also accused him of being too political and doing everything to catch the eye of H.E President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo for his personal gains.


The MCE nominee for East Gonja, Hon. Mohammed Tamimu, was nominated by the President to serve his second term as Municipal Chief Executive for the area but was twice rejected by members of the assembly after failing to meet 2/3 majority of total valid votes cast.

In the first confirmation process, the nominee failed to get the approval of members of the assembly after receiving 10 ‘Yes’ votes representing 29.41% as against 24 ‘NO’ votes representing 70.58%.

It is expected that the President would nominate a different person to replace Hon. Mohammed Tamimu following his twice humiliating rejection.

The second attempt to confirm the president nominee saw him gather 9 ‘Yes’ votes out of the 34 total valid votes cast representing 26.47% and 25 ‘NO’ votes representing 73.53%.

The second rejection of the nominee enraged the Paramount Chief who served notice that his Palace and the entire traditional area, shall withdraw completely, their support and cooperation from all future endeavors of the Municipal Assembly if the actors do not render an unqualified apology to him, his elders, and by extension, to H.E President Akufo Addo and also accept and adhere strictly to the agreement reached at the stakeholder engagement.

According to him, the decision by the Assembly members not to confirm the President’s nominee is an affront to his authority, personality, his elders, and by extension, the President of the Republic after all that he did.

He alleged in his presser that the Assembly members were influenced into taking the decision he described as an “unfortunate misconduct” by some “disgruntled and nonconformists” who are members of the traditional area.

By: Ezekiel Abdul Aziz

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